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�Valentin Yudashkin�s House of Fashion� has existed since 1988.

In 1997 the boutique �Valentin Yudashkin� was opened in Moscow, in Kutuzovsky avenue, and in 1999 the jewellery and perfume series �Valentin Yudashkin� was launched at the Fashion House �Valentin Yudashkin�. This was a joint project with the French company �Parour�.

Today the Fashion House of Valentin Yudashkin is a large venture which starts new lines of business almost every year: jewellery, table silver, china, male and female casual look underwear, sun glasses. Manufacturers of ready-made clothes and its components are scattered all over Europe, so high flexibility, efficient organization of manufacturing processes are key factors in the success of Mr. Yudashkin�s business. However, the creation of clothes collections has been the main foundation of V. Yudashkin�s Fashion House from the very start. Today the house has 250 employees, representative offices in the USA and a show-room in Italy. It is developing a network of proprietary boutiques and departments in many Russian and foreign cities and arranging shows of seasonal collections in Paris and Milan. Cinema, theatre and variety stars, representatives of political and business elite are among constant clients and patrons of the House. Jeans clothes under the trademark �Yudashkin Jeans Collection� has been made at the request of the Italian Fashion House since 1997. Collections of jeans clothes as well as pret-a-porte clothes are renewed once every six months. They normally include not only jeans classics, but also trendy jeans models for youth made of the newest technical materials. A jewellery series created on the basis of the couturier�s sketches that was opened in 1999 was another successful line in Mr. Yudashkin�s business. In the same year 1999 the first lady�s perfume under the trademark �Valentin Yudashkin� was presented on the European and Russian markets. The company plans to make it a beginning of the male and female perfumery and cosmetics series. This is a joint project with the French perfume company �Parour�. The development and manufacture of glasses opened a new chapter in the history of V. Yudashkin�s Fashion House. This common thing, absolutely essential in everyday life, may beautify a person, attach a certain image to both men and women and become an elegant complement to the costumes designed in the fashion empire of Valentin Yudashkin. This project was implemented together with �Sover-M� company.


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