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Luciano Benetton

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A global brand, and one of the most well known in the world, United Colors of Benetton has an international style that combines color, quality and fashion. Each season the womenswear, menswear, childrenswear and underwear collections offer a total look for everyday, for work and for leisure, in the city and outdoors. The Benetton Baby label is a new product line dedicated to the prenatal and the under-fives world.

The brand is present in many other sectors, from the elegant accessories to the eyewear lines and perfumes, from the home collection to baby products. The above products are available in selected specialized shops worldwide.


In 1965, Luciano Benetton, the eldest of four children, was a 30-year-old salesman in Treviso. He saw a market for colourful clothes, and sold a younger brother's bicycle in order to buy his first second-hand knitting machine. His initial small collection of sweaters received a positive response in local stores in the Veneto region, and soon after he asked his sister and two younger brothers, Gilberto and Carlo, to join him. In 1965, the entity known as the "Benetton Group" is formed.

In 1966, the Benettons opened their first store in Belluno and three years after in Paris, with Luciano as chairman, his brother Gilberto in charge of administration, their younger brother Carlo running production, and Giuliana as a chief designer.


1987 Colors de Benetton Men (M)
1987 Colors de Benetton Woman (W)
1993 Tribu (W)
1997 Benetton Cold (U)
1997 Benetton Hot (U)
1999 Benetton Pure Sport Woman (W)
1999 Benetton Pure Sport Man (M)
2000 Funtastic Sweet Fruits for Girls (W)
2000 Funtastic Sweet Fruits for Boys (M)
2001 Benetton Sport Women (W)
2001 Benetton Sport Man (M)
2001 Paradiso Inferno Woman (W)
2001 Paradiso Inferno Man (M)
2002 B. Clean Energy (U)
2002 B. Clean Fresh (U)
2002 B. Clean Relax (U)
2002 B. Clean Soft (U)
2004 B. United Man (M)
2004 B. United Woman (W)
2004 Paradiso Inferno Pink (W)
2005 Cumbia Colors Man (M)
2005 Cumbia Colors Woman (W)
2006 Gold (W)
2006 United Colors of Benetton Man (M)
2006 United Colors of Benetton Unisex (U)
2006 United Colors of Benetton Woman (W)
2007 B. United Jeans Man (M)
2007 B. United Jeans Woman (W)
2008 Benetton White Night Man (M)
2008 Benetton White Night Woman (W)
2008 Energy Man (M)
2008 Energy Woman (W)
2008 Essence of United Colors of Menetton Man (M)
2008 Essence of United Colors of Menetton Woman (W)
2010 Benetton Blu Man (M)
2010 Benetton Giallo Woman (W)
2010 Benetton Rosso Woman (W)
2010 Benetton Verde Man (M)

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