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founded by

Ugo Cacciatori

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Ugo Cacciatori


Ugo Cacciatori is an Italian jewelry label founded in 2003.

The Look

Referencing eccentric and intellectual style of life, the design reflects, from the very beginning, a sophisticated construction of shapes combined with a wide comprehension of textures, oxidations and stones. The result is a truly Made in Italy craftsmanship, the highest expression of contents and forms, all together to give life to a collection whose construction is closer to a novel than to the established seasons of fashion. Not just an accessory line but also the seed of a complete series of objects emerging from a tale as from an inner dreamy vision where the global perception of fairy and fantasy find a definite reference point in luxury.

Who Wears It

Dita Von Teese, Juliette Lewis, Karl Lagerfeld, Keith Richards, Madonna, Jay Z

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