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Industira Calzaturiera Marros has been working in the footwear market for over 30 years. Its products are known all over the world for the high quality of their materials and the great fit of their styles.

Specializing in the production of tubular footwear, Marros is still extremely attentive to details and finishes. Year after year, its craftsmanship and the use of innovative technology help it offer a wider and wider range of styles. Brushes calf, laser finishes, doubled paintings and special leather-ageing processes are just a few of the many production techniques the company uses to offer a range of colours and styles that fulfils the requirements of an increasingly demanding global market, from North America to the Far East.

This is just the epitome of ICM’s mission, to create a product with an all-Italian DNA, able to comquer the foreign markets as well.

The company’s core business is carried out on a n area of 5000 square meters, divided into two units, employing over 100 staff specializing in different processing cycles and hand-made finishes. The expertise of the productive staff and the high technology of the machinery ensure excellent handcrafted quality standards, despite the big industrial volumes.

With an output of over 500,000 pairs a year, ICM is an industry leader, offering good value for money and products that combine comfortable, modern styles with precious hides and exclusive finishes.

It is just on these pivotal points that ICM has built its own corporate philosophy, making its name synonym with reliability and credibility all over the world.

With TREMP, ICM comes into its own. From time innemorial a synonym with quality and great comfort, every year TREMP launches a collection of over 200 styles, to fulfil the requirements of men and women who find TREMP the perfect shoes for everyday life. Travelling, discovery, escapism are the pet subjects of the brand that in the last few years has asserted its own identity through a press campaign on the main national and foreign papers and magazines. It is just this world that those who love to wear TREMP identify with; far from fashion clichés but at the same time confident in their style.

TREMP footwear is currently sold in the best shops in Italy and across the world.

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