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Tommy Hilfiger Corporation (the �Company�) is a multi-billion dollar global apparel brand which remains one of the most widely recognized and strongest brand names in the industry. Since 1985, the Company has developed an extremely valuable and recognizable brand and a solid consumer base with broad demographic appeal. By virtue of the Company�s unique approach to fashion and styling, the brand is firmly established within the multi-billion dollar lifestyle market. Celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2005, the Company�s strategy has been to develop and leverage a highly recognizable lifestyle brand. In its product offerings, and through the offerings of its licensees, the Company seeks to deliver superior styling, quality and value to its consumers worldwide. Building upon its foundation in the menswear business, the Company has achieved an important position in other product categories as well. Since its inception in 1985 as a menswear line, the strength of the TOMMY HILFIGER brand has been built on a powerful design philosophy of �Fresh American Style� by bringing a fresh perspective to traditional, all-American stylings. The approach proved so compelling that it has been successfully developed across a growing number of product categories. In 1993, in response to customer demand, the Company launched its childrenswear division, which distributes infants and kids clothing to department stores throughout the United States. In 1996, the Company launched its womenswear division, making Tommy Hilfiger one of the very few menswear designers to incorporate a women�s line into the mix. The Company launched into the �better sportswear� market in the spring of 2004 with H Hilfiger. The premium sportswear line is a dressy, more sophisticated collection that transitions from day into evening. In January 2005, Tommy Hilfiger Corporation acquired the global Karl Lagerfeld trademark portfolio and related companies and collections, including Lagerfeld Gallery. The Company additionally entered into a long-term contract with Mr. Karl Lagerfeld to continue to design and provide creative direction for the brand. In less than two decades, the Company has grown from a single line of business to one that encompasses several core operations that work in concert to extend the scope of the brand and meet the many needs of a customer following that includes children, teens, and adults of all races, backgrounds and nationalities. In addition to menswear, womenswear, jeanswear and childrenswear, the international and core businesses include approximately 40 product licenses and 7 geographic licenses worldwide, through which a broad array of related apparel, accessories, footwear, fragrance and home furnishings are offered and distributed. The Company's products can be found in leading department and specialty stores throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Central and South America, Japan, Australia, South Africa, India, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, as well as the company�s own network of outlet and specialty stores in the United States, Canada and Europe

The Look

The Company�s apparel products are recognized throughout the world for their classic and timeless design.
The company�s designers work to combine classic, spirited American styling with unique details and fit to give time-honored basics a fresh and updated look � a �Fresh American Style� approach. The Company emphasizes core and basic styles as the principal components of its product offerings and its apparel products are designed to appeal to customers who desire high quality clothing at competitive prices.

Who Wears It

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Lopez, Kat DeLuna, Katie Lee Joel, Lindsay Lohan, Richie Rich, Rachel Weisz, Beyonce Knowles,


1995 Tommy (M)
1996 Tommy Girl (W)
1998 Hilfiger Athletics(M)
1999 Freedom for women
1999 Freedom for men
2001 T (M)
2002 Tommy Cool Spray (M)
2002 Tommy Girl Cool Spray (W)
2002 Tommy Girl Summer Cologne (W)
2002 Tommy Summer Cologne(M)
2002 T Girl (W)
2003 Tommy Girl Jeans (W)
2003 Tommy Jeans (M)
2004 True Star (W)
2005 True Star (M)
2005 True Star Gold (W)
2006 Tommy 10 (M)
2006 Tommy Girl 10 (W)
2006 Tommy Girl Summer Cologne 2006 (W)
2006 Tommy Summer Cologne 2006 (M)
2007 Dreaming (W)
2007 Tommy Summer 2007 (M)
2008 Hilfiger (M)
2008 Tommy Girl Summer Fragrance 2008 (W)
2008 Tommy Summer Cologne 2008 (M)

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