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The Tina Borg - Melbourne label was officially launched in the summer of 1997.

The Look

With it’s strong individual identity and emphasis on design within the chosen fabrics, along with quality garment construction, each piece is made with care and attention to all details.
The styling is simply personal where shapes and lines merge into the fabric as if it were a canvas. lt’s individual styling has created a devoted neiche market aged between 20 - 45.
Through concentrating on the individual properties of selected fabrics and extending their use and potential, the outcome is an eclectic range of bold and beautiful garments for discerning women who stand confidently in their own sense of style.
The design focus demonstrates the union of hard and soft within strong clean lines evoking a masculine aura yet playful feminine twist resulting in timeless pieces.
Lush and textural elements avail themselves to give each story within the collection an individual personality, willing to transform from a day piece, leading you into the evening with ease.
Comfort remains a priority within the fusion of angles and curves throughout a range where accents are raised via expertly crafted linear panels, attention to the treatment of hemlines and through the use of beltings, straps, tucks, pleats and gathers.
Uncluttered and unconventional lines are merged into architectural forms for the body, where underlying details of function are brought to life through movement and given unique expression by the individual.

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