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This Italian shoe brand was founded by Walter Martiny in 1911 in Torino, Italy, almost 100 years ago. Since then the brand has gone from trainers to retro chic and then to preppy pumps. In the beginning, it was known for comfort and style but now it has captured the fashion world for its sense of “fun and versatility.”

After WW II, Superga reopened with a new mission, a mission to bring high quality footwear to the people of Italy. In 1951 the firm merged with Pirelli which made it possible to increase production of tennis shoes from the funds received with the merger of the two companies.

As in the 70’s the sales of the 2750 continued, Superga expanded to add sport shoes with technical attributes. Furthermore, in the 80’s the firm also started the manufacturing of clothes.

Alexa Chung, the English rose, was appointed Creative Director in 2011 and was given free reign with its designs. In 2012, she hit the road with photographer Guy Aroch to showcase the 2750 tennis shoes, which has been an icon of Superga from the beginning. These were teamed with quirky outfits of her own and turned Superga into a success story.

In North America, the Italian sneaker brand Superga is running under a license, and so Steve Madden tapped Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen as co-creative directors for the brand there. In their role, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are responsible for developing all creative and marketing initiatives for the brand, in addition to overseeing retail lines of distribution.

Furthermore the design duo has teamed up with Superga to include the brand in their “The Row” trademark. This collaboration has taken the price of the sneaker from 35 pounds to a whopping 250 pounds.

The Olsen twins have turned the sneakers into very stylish offerings. The shoes made from cashmere comes in a range of colors, black, navy and grey and each one is branded with “The Row,” trademark.

Superga has mainly shops in the USA, but sales are assured in other countries by other shops. In June 2011 Superga opened there first shop outside the USA in the United Kingdom on Neal Street, Covent Garden.

You can also but Superga products through shopping online stores that carry the Superga brand.

The Look

Superga has always been synonymous with laid back, effortless styling. In 1911 Martiny started production of rubber-soled footwear marked with the Superga logo but by 1925, the firm invented the 2750 model with vulcanized rubber soles. And by 1935 the firm diversified production to include collections that were dedicated to other sports and daily life. Today Superga offers a wide range of colors, fabrics and prints for each season. The collections also include Superga City leather and Superga Country rubber rain and outwear boots. It has branched out and its aim is still to “design and produce the highest quality footwear” for the whole family.

Who Wears It

Sienna Miller, Liv Tyler, Fearne Cotton

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