Stonefly Spa
Via S. Gaetano, 200
31044 Montebelluna (TV)


founded by

Andrea Tomat & Adriano Sartor

belongs to

Andrea Tomat & Adriano Sartor


Stonefly was founded in 1993 in Montebelluna (TV), at the heart of the sports shoe-making district.

Since the beginning, the firm has pursued a radically innovative concept of comfort, based on the exceedingly insightful idea of transferring the know-how built up in the creation of sports shoes to innovative solutions capable of providing unmatched comfort for urban footwear.

It succeeds in combining design, Italian style, and complete comfort. Technological research has allowed them to develop two unique patents: Shock Air, which allows the foot to sweat, and Blu Soft System, an exclusive system that supports the foot during walking, reducing impact and improving balance.

Today Stonefly is one of the most innovative businesses operating on the most innovative businesses operating on the global everyday footwear market. The firm focuses on the integration of innovative technology and solutions, which together guarantee unmatchable comfort and a day-to-day feeling of well-being.

Stonefly shoes are sold in 30 countries.

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