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founded by

Maria Bianca Mazzarini Stronati

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Simonetta S.p.A.


Simonetta is an Italian brand and firm that makes children's clothes.

Simonetta was founded in the first half of the 1950s by Maria Bianca Mazzarini Stronati who decided to open a small dressmaker’s shop for babies and small children in Jesi, a small medieval town in the Marche region, Italy.

The refined elegance of the materials used, the detailing of the tiny clothes, the perfect wearability and comfort and the strong innovative design have been the distinguishing elements since the beginning of production.

Maria Bianca named this exclusive line of clothes after one of her two daughters: Simonetta.

With the help of her three children, Roberto, Simonetta, and Valeria, the small workshop evolved until it became an industrial reality in 1981: Simontetta S.p.A. In the 1990s the Simonetta brand expanded its foreign market and became an international point of reference for style and elegance in children’s fashion.

The resulting success and the new market demand pushed the company to differentiate its products and to expand its brand: in addition to Simonetta, the first line dedicated to young girls, aged 5-16, the following lines wear born:

Simonetta Mini (for children aged 1-7)

Simonetta Jeans ( for young girls ages 5-16)

Simonetta Tiny (for newborns ages 0-2)

And finally Simonetta Shoes – a line of shoes for toddlers and juniors that also marked the debut of the Simonetta S.p.A. in the licensing sector.

In 1998 the Stronati siblings decided to develop a company branch dedicated to managing the licensed brands. The same year, with the collaboration of Mistral S.p.A., the Brooksfield Junior line was born. In 2001 the Roberto Cavalli Angels line was launched (for young girls ages 2-14), produced and distributed by Simonetta S.p.A. on worldwide license by Roberto Cavalli S.p.A.

In 2003 the Roberto Cavalli Devils line was introduced (for young boys ages 2-14).

In 2005 an agreement was signed with the Tod’s S.p.A. Group for the production and distribution of a children’s line with the trademark FAY Junior.

Today, with the working presence of the third generation, Simonetta S.p.A. is, in fact, a leading company at the international level in the area of high-quality children clothes.

Their focused orientation toward new ideas and technology is the true driving force of their development. Annual production is around 600,000 items of clothing and 70,000 pairs of shoes that are distributed in the best boutiques and department stores in 30 countries around the world. The principle staff includes 103 workers with an additional 200 collaborators. They are all high-profile, professional team members that have understood and truly adopted as their own the mission and philosophy of the Compan.

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