The brand was set up in 1962, inspired by a simple idea: offering men comfortable and easy to wear undergarments that would accompany them throughout the day and follow their every movement for unrestricted wear-comfort. This soon motivated the brand to take the logical step into sports underwear, creating dedicated lines back in 1999. Now under the aegis of the Éminence group, with its cutting-edge textile knowledge, Athena continues to focus on wellbeing, where quality and comfort take centre stage. Cotton, organic cotton and microfibre, combined with elastane, are the fabrics of choice. The brand still prides itself on its sports DNA: in addition to everyday collections, it now offers four dedicated sports lines, whether for training, team sports, running or endurance. Breathable, odour-control materials and specific cuts, tested by athletes (currently Sylvain Court, Trail World Champion in 2015 and bronze medal-winner in 2016), satisfy a broad range of requirements. Keen to meet the expectations of all customers, the brand is also very attentive to style, with simple yet modern designs, offering a certain laidback elegance, at an affordable price point.

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