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Since 1816, and for seven generations, the family Scheer has been making bespoke shoes by hand in Vienna. In the heart of the city centre, Markus Scheer and his team preserve and develop the craft of bespoke shoemaking in its primal form. As former purveyors to the Imperial and Royal Court of Austria-Hungary and holder of the Imperial and Royal Warrant of Appointment (kaiserlich und königlicher Hofliferant), Scheer is among those Austrian companies most steeped in tradition - but also respected around the world for its unique orthopaedic knowledge and skilled craftsmanship.

Seven generations have gathered this wealth of know-how with great passion and pioneering spirit, handing it down from one generation to the next. Fewer than 300 pairs of bespoke shoes for men and women leave the historic premises each year. The feet’s health, the form’s aesthetics, reflecting the wearer’s personality, and the individualisation in design and colour are all embodied in a pair of handmade shoes.

World-famous is the extensive collection of leathers, gathered skin by skin in over 200 years, an unrivalled treasure. For some years now, a wide selection of leather goods including belts, bags, wallets, and key rings has been available ready to wear. Also the SCHEER repair service has been expanded to shoes and accessories of other makers, care and care products included.

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