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In 1999, Scapa launched Scapa Sports. A sports-casual collection aimed at a young, sportive and active segment to complete the more traditional Scapa clothing lines for women, men and children. Scapa Sports has a true love for sports, and presented its own Scapa Sports Polo Team during the Beach Polo of 1999 in Knokke.

The name of the label is by no means an empty slogan. Sports, be it polo, hockey, tennis, rugby or any other outdoor sports discipline was, and will always be the main inspiration. Elements from sports are respectfully translated into casual looks, always emphasizing functionality and a true sense of style.

Scapa Sports has grown into an all-round label for men, women and children, incorporating a large selection of accessories such as bags, belts and toiletries (since 2000), a collection for infants and babies and a collection of stationery (both since 2003).

In 2008, Scapa Sports signed a contract with the International Polo Federation (FIP) and became the official clothing supplier of the World Championship Polo 2008 in Mexico and the European Championship Polo 2008 in Hamburg.

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