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Via Maestri del Lavoro, 41/43
50013 Campi Bisenzio
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Born in 1949 in Campi Bisenzio (FI) the company Roy Roger's Manifatture 7 Bell S.p.A. was the first blue jeans producer in Italy.

In the first years it starts mainly producing work clothes manufactured with strong cotton gabardines. Then, following the news coming up from the USA, it begins producing trousers using denim fabric imported from the USA where it was already famous for its resistance colour and versatility. The first Italian blue jeans is born! The fabric arrives in yuta folders; it's rigid and hard to work. Washes don't exist yet and first blue jeans are raw, with their original zip on back pockets (pocked licensed and copyrighted since the 50's) and with it's popular black triangle.

Year by year the blue jeans Roy Roger's is not anymore considered a workwear and it's becoming a "must have", in the 60's and 70's Roy Roger's success spread among young people, students, but even fathers and sons.

Nowadays the company leaded by Mr Fulvio Biondi, founder's son in law, with an effective and aimed marketing strategy, changed the brand retail position, valued the brand at top level in its history and through the years keeping safe the originality of the brand, the high quality of raw material based on American Japanese and Italian denim fabrics, improving it with always new and unique washes and a never ending product research, everything strictly "Made in Italy".

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