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Roberta di Camerino

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Roberta di Camerino


In 1945, Roberta set up her own company making striped velvet satchels and carved leather handbags, progressing to scarves, umbrellas, belts, shoes and gloves, in Venice.

Her innovative designs put the spotlight on Italian fashion accessories in the post-War years.

Today her company is worldwide, with headquarters in a 16th century mansion in Venice. In addition to garments and fashion accessories for both men and women, the company of Roberta di Camerino markets household furnishings, leather goods, perfumes and cosmetics, jewellery and numerous other products.

Giuliana herself passed away on 19th March 2002 at the age of 82 but her house continues forever.

The Look

Her creations feature the inborn style and class she conveys to all her work, united with a remarkable sense of colour and a predilection for fine materials. First and foremost "soprarizzo" velvet with new Trompe-l'oeil designs, handwoven on antique looms, according to the Venetian tradition, to retain its unique qualities intact, as well as satin, nappa leather, suede, crocodile, python, shaved mink.


1993 Uomo R (W)
1995 Protagonista (W)
1995 Protagonista (M)
1998 Roberta di Camerino (W)
1998 Roberta di Camerino (M)

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