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Rachel Leigh has been at the forefront of jewelry design since launching in 2004. Designed for the consummate fashion-insider, Rachel Leigh draws inspiration from runway trends and styling concepts to create a line that is fashion-forward, versatile, chic and bold. At the request of fashion editors, buyers, publicists and fashion-insiders, former Yves Saint Laurent publicist Rachel Blumenthal launched Rachel Leigh in the Fall of 2004. To date, Blumenthal has expanded her business to a company that now boasts showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, Scandinavia, Germany, Paris, the Middle East, Japan, Korea and Canada. Rachel Leigh's customer base includes high-end department stores, contemporary websites, and a growing number of designer boutiques around the world. The line is regularly featured in the top women's fashion publications such as Harper's Bazaar, and InStyle among other publications; and is a favorite of Hollywood including Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Biel, and Blake Lively.

The Look

Rachel Leigh jewelry is designed for the girl with confidence, who is always in command, does not take herself too seriously and is the life of the party. She's versatile with an ever changing look to fit her mood; one night she is uptown chic sophistication with a bit of an edge, the next night she is downtown trendy glamour and by day she is refined casual. She mixes it up with the perfect balance - always feeling confident and making a statement. The Rachel Leigh girl knows who she is and uses her wardrobe and jewelry to play off of her personality.

Who Wears It

Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Biel, Blake Lively, Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton, Reese Witherspoon, Ashlee Simpson, Nicole Richie, Rihanna, Halle Berry and Hilary Duff

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