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Salomon Lindauer

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Van de Velde


Prima Donna’s roots trace back 1865, when it was founded in Germany by Salomon Lindauer. Lindaur’s primary focus for Prima Donna was to provide a perfect fit for large and naturally shaped women. The company evolved from providing primarily corsets to manufacturing bras for large-breasted women. Prima Donna changed hands from S. Lindauer & Co, (Wilhelm Meyer-Ilschen in 1938) to the current company in 1990, Van de Velde of Belgium. Van de Velde revitalized the line and made priorities of comfort, fashion, and fit. Prima Donna has been renowned for over 140 years for their perfectly-fitting luxury lingerie. Their longevity and success proves that fit and fashion hold a timeless appeal.

What sets Prima Donna apart is the construction process that creates such impeccable fit. Each bra is constructed of fifty pieces of high quality fabric. Every element is tested for quality and construction--such as color, seam integrity, smoothness and underwire fabrication and placement. Bras are essentially hand-assembled with an attention to detail rare in the undergarment industry.

Details like side support panels, 3-piece construction, deeper cups and stretch elastic lace allow for bras that fit exactly as they should while being extremely comfortable.

Prima Donna offers updated panty styles as well, some with sizes ranging to 5XL. Embellished with bows and stretch lace, panties nicely complement Prima Donna''s bra styles.

Prima Donna lingerie has always been known for its uncompromising attention to quality. Now in its second century, the brand maintains its exacting standards with designs that are fashionable and beautifully embellished.

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