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founded by

Vittorio, Alberto,Lucia and Lidia Pollini


Pollini is a footwear company founded in 1953 by Vittorio, Alberto,Lucia and Lidia Pollini who continued the tradition of their father Ettore.

In the 60�s the production of Pollini became industrialized, but always played great attention to the skilled craftsmanship and to the choice of high quality materials. In 1963 a pollini Boutique was opened in Ravenna so as to create a direct contact with the public. It was the first of a long run. The manufacturing of handbags, as to prove coordinates for their shoes.

Pollini's most recent accomplishment was the start of the production and distribution of Moschino Fashion House back in 2002.

In the 70�s Pollini started collaborations with some fashion designers, such as Tivioli, Regina Schrecker, Gattinoni, Enrica Massei, Blumarine and Timmy. The company entered into the international markets, by beginning to show their new collections twice a year in Duesseldorf, Paris, New York, Milan and Bologna. In 1979 the exlusive trade agreement with Toyota-Yurya allowed the opening of 15 Pollini boutiques in Tokio, Osaka and Kobe e Nagoya. New shopes inside Italy were also opened in Florence, Milan, Rome, Bologna, Parma, Verona, Bolzano, Bergamo, Verese and Venice.

In 1982, through the franchising formula, a boutique opened in Bordighera; other in Genova, Sanremo and Montecarlo.

In 1989 Pollini headquarters moved to the town of Gatteo, where it is currently located. The new headquarter offers 50.000 square meters of space to the enterprise, 15.000 of which under cover and used for production along with a seven floor building for offices and showrooms.

In 2000 throughout a collaboration with the Aeffe Fashion Group, the production of Alberta Feretti, Philosophy di Alberta Feretti and Narciso Rodriguez accessories collections started.

In 2001 Aeffe acquired 72% of Pollini. Pollini S.P.A. became a part of the Aeffe S.P.A. Fashion Group.

In 2002 Pollini S.P.A. started the production and distribution of shoes and accessories designed by the Moschino fashion House.

Pollini opened a flagship store in Paris at Rue Saint-Honor� in 2003.

In 2006 Pollini signed a license agreement for the manufacturing and distribution of the Pollini eyewear collection.

In 2008 Jonathan Saunders was appointed as creative director for the ready-to-wear collection and licensed product ranges. Nicholas Kirkwood was appointed style director for shoe collections and fashion coordinator for the bag collection.

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