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2008 marks two decades of achievement for Poko Pano in Brazil and beyond. Poko Pano was launched in Brazil in 1988 and became known for its creative styles featuring innovative handiwork - embroidery, knitting, macramé and needlepoint - that showcase the infamous craft talents of the Brazilian people.

In 2002, Poko Pano was invited to participate in São Paulo Fashion Week, establishing it as one of the best swimwear brands worldwide. Poko Pano has since been repeatedly featured in the prestigious show.

In 2005, Poko Pano entered the U.S. market and quickly became a press and celebrity favorite. The brand has earned recognition on the pages of magazines likeVogue, Cosmopolitan, and Sports Illustrated.

In 2008, Poko Pano collections were showcased on the São Paulo Fashion Week runway as well as the Mercedes Benz Fashion Swim Week in Miami, Florida.

The Poko Pano brand can now be found in 338 shops worldwide, and in over 20 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, France, Monaco, Israel, Italy, Greece, Switzerland and the UK.

The Look

The new brand represents a glamorous and exclusive approach to women that live up for the cosmopolitan lifestyle. For those, who even or those escapist moments from the urban environment, are concerned about the sophistication inherent to the city scenario.
Paola Robba para Poko Pano is a signature brand to be worn in special moments, and its inspirations come from sophisticated resort stories. The garments have subtle details in their construction that were imported from the tailoring technique to the beachwear scene, finding the perfect tune between the clean and the classic.

Who Wears It

Mischa Barton, Marisa Miller, LeAnn Rimes, Elle MacPherson

Poko Pano Fashion Shows

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