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Since the company's inception in 1991, the clothes are now sold in many boutiques throughout Sweden, Great Britain, Italy, France, Japan, and the United States.

In 1988 Marcel Marongiu introduced his first signature collection and one year later he held his first catwalk show in Paris.

He adores hard rock music and in 1991 even named his company after the title of an Aerosmith album, Permanent Vacation.

Marongiu prides himself on the fact that his clothes are 100-percent French in production. The sample collection is produced in his Paris studio but is manufactured in the Vendée, retail prices are very reasonable for a designer label. As well as clothes, the company has diversified by producing a small line of accessories, shoes, necklaces, belts, boots, bags, and hats, all in the distinctive Marongiu style. As Paris is the base of Marongiu's activities, he is now established as one of the city's leading young designers. He looks set to expand his business further, because Paris, as he describes it, is a present-day city, full of energy and romance.

Marongiu reached the breaking point with Swedish backers in 1996 when he vacated his contract and reestablished his firm with Japanese backing. Within two years, he opened a Paris boutique on the exclusive rue Saint-Honoré and established his first vendor in Nagoya, Japan. In his ninth year in the business, he debuted a first collection of leather goods. In support of the Swedish fashion maven and his impact on world tastes, Stockholm's Design Museum honored him with a retrospective exhibit.

The Look

Marongiu designs clothes that are classically elegant yet also up to date, sexy, and carefree. His style is always strong and pronounced, the cut always clean and streamlined, emphasizing the contours and shape of the human body. Stretch fabrics and natural classic fabrics, often with a small Lycra percentage, help him achieve these silhouettes. His customer is a young, modern women, slightly tongue-in-cheek and sexy, who refuses to dress expensively.

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