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PENNYBLACK is designed, created, produced and distributed by Manifatture del Nord, part of Max Mara Fashion Group.

Founded in 1978 PENNYBLACK is one of today's most popular women fashion brands in Italy and is constantly growing and widely spreading in Europe, Central Asia, Far East, South America and Australia.

PENNYBLACK's distinguishing traits are good value for money and totally satisfies the needs of today's outgoing and self confident woman, who is seeking a sophisticated but easy-to-wear style, and is looking for high quality fabrics and accurate finishing. The Collections are designed by a group of innovative young designers from all around the world, confirming that the company pays attention to the new and most interesting emerging fashion scene.

The Look

PENNYBLACK offers a style that is constantly keeping up with the times, highly aware of trends without exasperating tones.
The accessories are part of the must-haves of the season and are always updated with new details, materials and volumes.
PENNYBLACK is a perfect combination of authenticity and quality, expressed through research and selection of fabrics, colors, shapes and patterns.

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