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The Patrizia Pepe brand was set up as an entrepreneurial initiative in Florence in 1993, by Patrizia Bambi, the creative and stylistic spirit, and Claudio Orrea, head of management and administration, within another of their creations, the Tessilform textile manufacturing company.

From the start they achieved recognition as being among the world's best modern fashion designers with clothing stores to match. The firm is best known for its women's clothes, accessories and shoes,

Patrizia Pepe launched her first men's collection in Spring-Summer 2005, and the Junior Girls' line in Spring-Summer 2007. Starting from Fall-Winter 2008-09 Patrizia Pepe also had a lingerie, home-wear and beachwear collection.

Patrizia Pepe has achieved a stable market position mainly thanks to its original designs, high-quality clothing and flamboyant marketing.

The company is constantly developing its internationalization programme. Already present in France, Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux, England, Russia, China and Japan, the company has recently set foot in the Persian Gulf, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Morocco, Ukraine, Cyprus and Azerbaijan.

The Look

The Patrizia Pepe collections are minimalist but with interesting detailing. The clothes and accessories designed by Patrizia Bambi are elegant and practical, original and modern and ready to wear for any occasion.

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