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Number (N)ine


NUMBER (N)INE the fashion brand started 12 years ago in a back alley in Tokyo. Over the last decade, NUMBER (N)INE evolved, always forging ahead with a unique and potent vision, to emerge as the leading brand of Japan. It was this same progressive philosophy – of ever moving forward – that prompted NUMBER (N)INE to go from the Tokyo to the Paris collections.

And now, at the height of its success, NUMBER (N)INE is taking its final bow: On February 20, 2009, NUMBER (N)INE will begin to disband. Designer Takahiro Miyashita will secede from the group, and the brand as we know it will come to an end. On January 22, NUMBER (N)INE performed its last show, “A Closed Feeling,” the Autumn/Winter 2009 collection, which will be produced for all its longtime fans, from innovators to collectors. Though this is the closing act, we hope that the tracks of NUMBER (N)INE will continue to resonate in the minds and memories of all. All NUMBER (N)INE shops will remain open with the fall winter collection until the end of the year.

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