Grupo Montoto
Polígono Industrial Lalín 2000
Rúa C, s/n_36500 Lalín (Pontevedra)
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Grupo Montoto


Generos de Punto Montoto started off in 1960 as a small workshop. In 1983 the company began a major transformation and the subsequent international expansion process. This has taken the firm's designs to top international trade fairs, such as New York's Fashion Coterie, Düsseldorf's C.P.D., Paris' Prêt à Porter, Tokyo's International Fashion Fair and Madrid's International Fashion Week.

The firm is currently involved in the construction of new 18,000 m2 facilities, These facilities will house all stages of the production process (Design, Sales, Production, Logistics and Distribution). It is also committed to developing new production methods such as the seamless Integral Garment. This eliminates the sewing stage, so the garment is transferred directly from the machine to the pressing and packaging stages. With these new facilities the Group will increase production to 900,000 garments a year. The firm is present in most European countries, as well as in Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Santo Domingo, Israel, Japan, Canada or Syria. The exports make up 20% of the total turnover.

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