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founded by

Michael Cromer


Founded in 1976 in the historic German city of Munich, MCM (Mode Creation Munich) crafts luxury leather goods, apparel and footwear for the world’s most seasoned travelers.

Through innovation and timeless design, MCM combines iconic German engineered functionality with traditional craftsmanship, offering a heritage of elegance.

MCM established itself as a global luxury brand through European artisanship with a refined mastery of skills, handcrafting elegant products with flawless quality materials.

The brand became so popular by the '80s that you couldn't walk a city block without multiple sightings of MCM splattered bags, sneakers, hats, and jackets. Like many an '80s-era label, the hype and over-saturation got the better of the German company and they rapidly became, as Jennifer Aniston would say, "uncool." The brand left the U.S. market due to hush-hush reasons having to do with their previous owner, Michael Cromer, but stayed alive and well in Europe and Asia. They have since changed their name from Michael Cromer Munich to Mode Creation Munich, and are running under new leadership Sung-Joo-Kim, one of the most famous businesswomen in Asia. Under her aegis, MCM has relaunched in Germany, Greece and now New York. Her corporate savvy is matched by the design talent of Michael Michalsky, former creative director at adidas, who has been tapped for the same role at MCM.

A long-time favorite of royalty and celebrities, MCM boasts architect-designed boutiques in chic cities such as Berlin, Dusseldorf, London, New York, Athens, Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul, and is sold by prestigious retailers all over the world.

Who Wears It

Beverly Smith, Fabiola Beracasa, Genevieve Jones, Brooke Shields

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