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Marc Jacobs


Founded in New York in 1984 and majority-owned by LVMH since 1997, the eponymous brand developed by Marc Jacobs - Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton - has enjoyed rapid growth in both the United States and internationally.

In 1984 Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy founded Marc Jacobs International based on two very simple concepts: a love for fashion and a commitment to quality.

After years of producing the Marc Jacobs women's collection exclusively, the company has expanded in several directions with two lines of ready-to-wear for men and women -Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs- as well as bags, accessories, shoes and the Marc Jacobs fragrances.

It is a source of great pride that despite extensive growth, the same concepts are the cornerstones of the company today.

The Look

Bright colors, oversize prints, layered looks, empire lines, rugby stripes, oversize bows and buttons, and pretty, prom-like party dresses.

Who Wears It

The downtown crowd with eclectic or edgy tastes, including Winona Ryder, Uma Thurman, the Olsen twins, Drew Barrymore, Sophia Coppola, Scarlett Johansson, and Maggie Gyllenhall, Wafah Dufour,


2001 Marc Jacobs (W)
2002 Marc Jacobs (M)
2003 Marc Jacobs Essence (W)
2004 Marc Jacobs Blush (W)
2005 Blush Intense (W)
2006 Marc Jacobs Autumn Splash Amber (W)
2006 Marc Jacobs Autumn Splash Violet (W)
2006 Marc Jacobs Autumn Splash Ivy (W)
2006 Marc Jacobs Splash Cotton (W)
2006 Marc Jacobs Splash Grass (W)
2006 Marc Jacobs Splash Orange (M)
2006 Marc Jacobs Splash Rain (F)
2007 Marc Jacobs Splash Cucumber (M)
2007 Marc Jacobs Splash (W)
2007 Splash in Cucumber (W)
2007 Daisy (W)
2007 I Love Marc (W)
2007 Marc Jacobs Gardenia (W)
2008 Daisy Black Edition (W)
2008 Marc Jacobs Splash Fig (W)
2008 Marc Jacobs Splash Gardenia (W)
2008 Splash - The Basil 2008 (U)
2008 Splash - The Grapefruit 2008 (U)
2008 Splash - The Pear 2008 (U)

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