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Manila Grace s.r.l. was born in Bologna in the March of 2005, thanks to the intuition of three professionals of fashion and business associated from creativity and one common dream: designing a collection for women dynamic, contemporary and with eyes fixed firmly on the future, to image in advance the new trends.

Is to make concrete this dream that Manila Grace comes alive, a name that combines the exotic and the music, grace and naturalness, fixing the word Manilla, a fiber derived from processing of the leaves of abac�, with a title of a famous song of the 80�s: Grace, as charm, beauty, harmony, as Manila Grace.

A production strictly made in Italy, with taste and an extreme care for details, it is a particularity of a prestigious product and quality guarantee for a brand designed to meet immediately the consensus of public and professionals.

The dream of Manila Grace takes the form quickly, with clothes suitable for a target ranging from twenty to forty years, but at the same time meets the most youthful spirits, and those of all ages.

Thirteen stores spread throughout the Italian territory (Milan, Turin, Varese, Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Riccione, Forte dei Marmi, Viareggio, Rome, Bari and Porto Rotondo) and a solid sales network with 500 stores in Italy and 400 abroad: these are the numbers that make the romantic dream of three creative people possible, permitting, today, to look even further, successfully entering foreign markets (Spain, Germany, Greece, Benelux and mainly China).

To explain the overwhelming success of a brand that has managed to combine elegance and the typical Italian good taste, they have to add the success of the showrooms in Bologna and Milan, constantly visited by foreign buyers, impressed by the quality and the particularity of Manila Grace collections. At this point, the mission is to export the initial dream and take it even further, starting from Europe, in order to create a strong sales network and to continue with the East and with all the countries all over the world, that will surely continue to desire the Italian style for women signed by Manila Grace.

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