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founded by

Giuseppe Sagripanti

belongs to

Marino, Nazzareno & Angelo Sagripanti


Giuseppe Sagripanti started a small shoemaking workshop in Montecosaro in 1956. He created the first �Conchita� slippers, made for maximum comfort thanks to vulcanization, a heat-treatment procedure that renders rubber more elastic and resistant.

During the 60�s new technologies and quality advances led to steady growth; the first purchase orders arrived from abroad, from Sweden.

During this period, Nazzareno Sagripanti joined the firm with his brother Marino and for a brief period, he developed a children�s footwear line.

In the 70�s the firm�s steady growth made it necessary to locate all production facilities under one roof. The Manas name was born, an acronym formed by the initials of Giuseppe�s three sons, Marino, Nazzareno and Angelo Sagripanti. The company�s new manufacturing and administrative headquarters was built and a new women�s footwear line was created, an initiative that would prove decisive for the firm.

Manas incorporates, became a stock company in the 80�s; five new partners joined the Sagripanti family business, each with a small stock holding. The decision to introduce a complete business and management overhaul � a rare event on the Italian SME scenario � accelerated company growth, the fruits of which are so evident today.

Thanks to continued technological advances, Manas embraced a winning strategy during the 90�s: brand diversification, with each brand reflected different styles. The third generation of Sagripantis fitted smoothly into a company framework where the value of human resources had long been appreciated.

With its unique vision, the company has improved its knowledge of markets, cultivating the opportunity to use market research for more efficient sales targeting.

Manas has created a �networked� organisation - virtually a district within a district - in which all its key functions, from production to planning, sales and sales follow-up, are concentrated.

Every year Manas invests some 12% of its business turnover in communication and brand protection and support. Manas spa feels that the added value brought to the company by its brand strategies is what protects these values: quality, creativity, and ethical behavior. These choices were behind a restyling process for the company�s brands in 2007, and the result is a truly modern feel that is more in line with the company�s position.

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