Erotic, Chic, and Uncompromising designer brand from Marseille, France. Founded in 2006, Maison Close fully undertakes its status of erotic lingerie brand and offers contemporary collections that combine simple aesthetics, luxurious quality, and subtle references to the Belle Époque French brothels. Maison's Close work consists in revisiting classic pieces with unbearable lightness and innovating with risqué products.

Breathing new life into seductive lingerie, Mason Close has spontaneously liberated preconceived ideas about eroticism by bringing design and fashion upfront.

Each collection is an ode to a muse that evolve in an oneiric world, brought to life in the eye of the beholder. Maison Close, who places more emphasis on avant-garde fantasies than on any code of practice often blurs lines between ready-to-wear, special occasion lingerie and daily dose of luxury.

Being erotic and chic is an ambition that reveals undying desire for timeless lingerie characterized by a strong identity made of fashion, love, and indulgence "à la Française".

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