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founded by

Annarita Pilotti & Graziano Cuccù

belongs to

Calzaturificio Lori S.r.l.


The business started in the early 70’s, manufacturing 700 pairs of shoes per week, expressing the force of the product from the very beginning.

It was an extremely feminine shoe made of leather stripes plaited together that was immediately considered trendy and innovative: a model that you could wear all year long, no matter what the season. In 1978 was the LORIBLU boom: 110.000 pairs of shoes sold. LORIBLU became an international company, maintaining its creative heart inspired by the consumers’ taste for handcrafted details in footwear.

With character and maturity, Loriblu faced the 80’s with another innovative choice from a creative viewpoint and from more research into handcrafts: This was the age of the “jewel sandal”. Rhinestones, crystals, Swarovski crystals started a lively but sophisticated fashion trend, which in 1996 reached its greatest expression through the creation of a unique style: "The golden shoe" was made in occasion of the "Scarpetta d'oro" award for style awarded within the footwear industry. The Golden Shoe was a symbolic shoe, made entirely of gold, diamonds and zircons with an estimated value of 50 million lira of the time.

The LORIBLU’s precious footwear approached the ‘90s and the new Millennium, enriching the brand’s personality by promoting research on the product and by paying attention to the company’s mood. During the 2007 Luxury Trade Fair a particular golden slipper was exhibited and admired, this footwear was created for a prestigious customer and was made with exclusive materials: black decorated satin on one ankle strap, 18k golden heels and natural river pearls.

Many National and International Celebrities will be captured by this new object of feminine desire; this footwear goes beyond the boundaries of the accessories sector creating out of the ordinary and unexpected combinations. Then the last autumn/winter campaign astounds once again for today’s approach to the glamour styling of LORIBLU: an ethereal sensuality that now also involves men, ready to astonish the most exclusive markets.


2010 Sensual Seduction Man (M)
2010 Sensual Seduction Woman (W)

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