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French sole’s sister company ‘London Sole’ was launched in America in 2003. Today Montana Avenue, LA, San Francisco, CA are all privileged to have welcomed London Sole to their high streets. With such a widely spread success, the launch of London Sole created a domino affect on the company’s further growth. Due to popular demand and to reduce queues outside the original store on Ellis street, a new store was opened on Marylebone Lane in 2007, soon to be followed by the opening of the King’s Road store in 2008, and in 2009, yet another on Brook Street in Mayfair. Together, all four stores stock the entire French Sole collection. Soon to be unveiled, French Sole’s newest venture. French Sole has always had an affinity for all things Continental. This beautiful, luxurious and fabulous range of ballet flats are adored overseas and all over Europe, expect further expansion in the very near future, the new location is soon to be announced.

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