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founded by

Liz Claiborne, Art Ortenberg, Leonard Boxer & Jerome Chazen

belongs to

Liz Claiborne Inc.


For the confident, modern woman with a classic sense of style, QVC® is proud to present Liz Claiborne New York.

LCNY engenders “beautiful utility” – that women should never have to choose between style and comfort; that they deserve a wardrobe of affordable separates that are ‘more casual, more imaginative, less uptight,’ and that projects their own sense of confident, snappy style – all with impeccable standards for quality and cut.

Under the creative direction of Isaac Mizrahi, Liz Claiborne New York blends classic style, imaginative use of bold color and graphic patterns and an easy, modern sportswear sensibility – all energized with Isaac’s subtle sense of playfulness and wit.

This true lifestyle brand – from better apparel and accessories to home fashions – is now available at QVC®.


1986 Liz Claiborne (W)
1989 Claiborne (M)
1990 Realities Original (W)
1993 Vivid (W)
1996 Curve (W)
1996 Curve (M)
1997 Liz Sport (W)
1997 Claiborne Sport (M)
1997 Red Sunset (W)
1998 Sunrise (W)
2000 Lucky You (W)
2000 Lucky You (M)
2001 Mambo(W)
2002 Bora Bora (W)
2002 Bora Bora (M)
2003 Spark (W)
2004 Curve Crush (W)
2004 Spark Seduction (W)
1989 Liz Claiborne for men
1989 Curve for men
1997 Claiborne Sport (M)
2000 Lucky You (M)
2001 Mambo (M)
2003 Spark (M)
2004 Curve Crush (M)
2004 Realities (W)
2004 Realities (M)
2004 Spark Seduction (W)
2004 Spark Seduction (M)
2005 Liz (W)
2005 Spark Seduction (M)
2005 Curve Wave (M)
2005 Curve Soul (M)
2005 Curve Soul (W)
2006 Curve Chill (W)
2006 Curve Chill (M)
2006 Curve Kicks (M)
2006 Curve Kicks (W)
2006 Curve Soul Vintage (W)
2006 Lucky Number 6 (W)
2006 Lucky Number 6 (M)
2007 Bora Bora Exotic (W)
2007 Bora Bora Exotic (M)
2007 Graphite Blue by Realities (M)
2007 Sweet Desire by Realities (W)
2007 Mambo Mix (W)
2007 Mambo Mix (M)
2008 Curve Connect (M)
2008 Curve Connect (W)

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