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Isabelle Bénichou

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Isabelle Bénichou


Les Petites is the brain child of Isabelle Benichou, who was “la petite” in her family, the youngest of seven children –the name of the store is derived from that fact and not from a specialization in smaller sizes! She established 'La Petite' in Paris in 1992, which is fast becoming an iconic French brand known for its distinct injection of Parisian je ne sais quoi.

Fifteen years after its debut, Les Petites has created its own niche in the ready-to-wear market Parisian market. Sold not only in France but also in Spain, the UK and Japan, Les Petites has transformed into one of the big names.

The Look

Influenced by vintage style and Parisian art, Isabelle Bénichou designs a classic and natural fashion that subtly mixes retro, hippy chic and romantic trends. Les Petites clothing is beautiful, and come in cashmere, satin, silk and lace. But above all, Isabelle Bénichou cares about rending such luxuries affordable. As a result, many designs have become basics of the brand these last few years, especially the cashmeres and the dresses.The personality of Isabelle's collections asserts itself with the passing of seasons. Along with all of the mark’s basic pieces, you can also find the ultimately feminine dresses, refined and elegant in every sense of the words.

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