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La Perla Black Label is made by the most important Italian lingerie brand La Perla and is probably the most prestigious collection of La Perla. In was introduced in 2003 as a special line of corsetry and “sexy-chic” products.

The Look

The Black Labe's icons are crystals, black satin and gold colored metal. These three elements are perfectly integrated in the puffs of chiffon, satin, silk and ribbons.
La Perla Black label has its specific attitude and style, that of Metropolis, the movie, animated by deco atmospheres and expressionist influences. Some of the pieces are in satin silk in warm tones of hazelnut and beige, but the star-color of this collection is the black.
The Black label has its own geometry, created by soft fringes used graphically on the bra or left free to invent irresistible moving scenes.
It's a beautifully and very poetic collection signed La Perla, extremely feminine and allegoric, due to all fabrics, details and curves.
A little bit mysterious and dark, La Perla Black Label coincides with the brand's principles: many different laced bras and panties and intricate designs.


1987 La Perla (W)
1991 Grigioperla (M)
1995 Io (W)
1995 Blue (W)
1997 Parfum Prive (W)
2000 Eclix (W)
2000 Touch Grigio Perla (M)
2002 Creation (W)
2003 Shiny Creation (W)
2006 Charme (W)
2006 Grigioperla Attitude (M)
2007 Dark Extacy (W)
2007 GrigioPerla HEDO (M)
2007 J’Aime (W)
2007 J’Aime La Nuit (W)
2007 J’Aime Les Fleurs (W)
2007 Languid Vanilla (W)
2007 Ruby Perlage (W)
2008 GrigioPerla Hedo White (M)
2009 Charme Lace Collection (W)
2009 Grigioperla Essence (M)
2009 J’Aime Precious Edition (W)

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