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Kooba is a contemporary handbag brand, launched in 1998 by mother Bonnie Held and daughter Abby Held. The brands focuses on unique designs in high quality materials. Kooba believes in the unique character of each woman. The Kooba woman doesn't run after trend, she has her own space where she can express herself in a changing world.

Kooba likes to name the products after celebrities and other prominent figures. One of the best selling piece is the Sienna, named for actress Sienna Miller.The bags are designed to fit in a free-spirit theme. Kooba puts extra love on each product by featuring unique tags, logos, and certification of authencity.

In 2007, Kooba became more diverse by launching a contemporary fall collection. Now Kooba also designs jackets and outerwear.

Who Wears It

Jennifer Aniston,Sienna Miller,Kristen Bell, ,Avril Lavigne

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