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Kimmeron jewelry can be found in over 120 fine stores and boutiques across the United States. The jewelry is meticulously handcrafted in the New York studios, combining stunning gemstones in sterling silver, gold and platinum. The gorgeous color combinations are at once unique, fashion-forward and truly stunning!

They make a promise of distinctive design, exceptional quality, wonderful service and great style. Their satisfaction is guaranteed without reservation.

The founder, Kimmeron Lisle is an accomplished Jeweler, Blacksmith, Woodworker and Textile artist. In the company’s New York studios one can find amazing works of art under construction including furniture, clothing, tableware, lamps and of course jewelry.

Kimmeron, Inc. was founded in 1995 with a commitment to create classic and modern designs for real women in the real world. Over the years this commitment has evolved to include jewelry, handbags, clothing, men's accessories and lifestyle products. The promise remains the same - fashion forward, high quality, classic design for every day and every occasion.

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