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At the heart of Kilgour is the conviction in quality without compromise. Kilgour tailors produce suits that are beautifully proportioned and styled, interpreting personal requirements to create a unique and exceptional garment.

Since opening its doors on Savile Row in 1882, Kilgour has been at the forefront of sartorial craftsmanship. Ever evolving yet entirely true to itself, the respect for tradition is aligned with innovation, yielding only the best suits for the most prestigious clientele. It is this integration of its history and future that sets Kilgour apart as one of the most distinguished yet contemporary establishments of gentlemen’s tailoring.

The personal relationship that develops between a gentleman and his tailor is a time-honoured part of the service at Kilgour. A great suit begins with the quality of the fabric, requiring not just the skill of the cutter but the ability to convey the individuality of the wearer to the finest detail – the cut of the lapel, the drape of the shoulder. These skills are what make Kilgour tailors true artisans in the trade.


The Company began in 1882 as T & F French. Well-established in Piccadilly, and with an exclusive London clientele, the business merged with A.H. Kilgour in 1923 to form Kilgour & French. In 1925, Fred and Louis Stanbury joined the firm and introduced an elegance of cut and style that is the Company’s hallmark to this day. Such was their influence that in 1937 the business changed its name to Kilgour, French and Stanbury. It reverted to Kilgour in 2003.

Kilgour was bought by JMH Lifestyle in 2008 to complement their expanding stable of luxury brands, carrying forward the Company’s history whilst opening a new chapter of its future.

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