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Kensie is a Canadian fashion brand. Kensie is all about feminine pretty clothes dressing the current mood. It is designed and operated by Vancouver-based founders Eric and Lani Karls, who launched onto the scene with Mac & Jac in 1994, followed by Kensie and Kensiegirl. In 2006 the brands were purchased by Liz Claiborne Inc. All three brands are sold internationally at department and specialty stores.

In 2010 Kensie had signed a licensing agreement with Komar to design, manufacture and distribute women's lingerie, sleepwear and daywear for the twenty-something contemporary customer. The Kensie lingerie, sleepwear and daywear collection debuted at retail in Spring 2011 in better department and specialty stores.

The Look

Kensie is a world of trends with a feminine yet raw spin and a dose of playful positive charisma. Effortlessly mixes with vintage and other brands. It's all about dressing the emotion of the moment. A modern and diverse mix of trends that can go from daytime to evening. Sensual and tactile with textures, patterns and colors.
Kensie Dresses
Kensie Dresses are inspired by the stars. These are dresses designed to party pretty. Pretty dresses that love to go out at night and flirt with the night. They are made for girls who want a dress that falls on the pretty side of sexy.

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