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Karine Arabian

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Karine Arabian


The label Karine Arabian offers bags, shoes and jewellery.

In 2003 Arabian moved production from France to Italy's Veneto region. The change reflected a focus on improving the quality of her line as well as an evolution of her design philosophy.

Today, Karine Arabian is firmly established in France but also in London and she hopes to move into China and Morocco in the near future.

Arabian's shoes are sold at upscale boutiques, including BonMarche and Bleu Vendome in Paris, Yasmin Cho and Harvey Nichols in London, NeimanMarcus and Diavollina in the U.S., Bus Stop and Barneys in Japan, Two Link and Passion in Rome and Le Form in Moscow, to name a few.

The Look

Classic, feminine and luxurious, these creations are toughened up with a touch of rock’n’roll. The brand’s shoes are especially popular as their chic, modern and comfortable designs are very easy to wear.

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