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founded by

Julien MacDonald

belongs to

Julien Macdonald and James Hargreaves


Formally launched on the London runways in the fall of 1997, Julien Macdonald�s label immediately found a home in the closets of adventurous fashion types.

At various points, when it came to his own label, Macdonald has toyed with or completely ignored wearability�not that that seems to matter to his vibrantly clad fans. With his addition of showstopping furs to his lineup, he has picked up quite a following among the nouveau Russian rich.

The Look

Modern-day tsarinas with a fondness for lots of dazzle.

Who Wears It

Joely Richardson, Kylie Minogue, Geri Halliwell, Dame Shirley Bassey, Carmen Electra, Naomi Campbell, Diana Ross, Jennifer Lopez rely. Paris Hilton

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