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Wolfgang Joop

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Joop GmbH


Joop is a fashion company. The company distributes fashion under the name �Joop� to selected fashion houses and runs also two own shops in Kampen/Sylt and Dusseldorf. Further Joop shops are in Ankara, Peking, Hangzhou, Istanbul, St. Peterburg and Tallin.

Franchisees of Joop are:

- Color Textil (bedclothes)

- Egana (watches, jewellery and bags)

- Falke (stockings)

- Huber Tricot (underwear)

- Lancaster (perfumes)

- Menrad (glasses)

- Steuler (flagging)

- Windsor (men�s fashion)

In early 1982 Joop showed his first pr�t-�-porter women's collection, followed by his first men's collection in 1985. Two years later, with the showing of his first perfume collection, he made his name a trademark, with capital letters to symbolize energy along with an exclamation mark. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, leatherwear, eyeglasses, perfume body- and knitwear, both for men and women, were immediately available under this mark.

In 1988 JOOP! jeans made its market debut.

The "JOOP!" mark became available for licensing, and Joop's company no longer produced any of its own goods for sale.

Since 1997, Joop's products have been sold through Joop GmbH.

In 1998 Joop sold 95% of his JOOP! shares to an investor and in 2001 he sold the remaining 5%.

The JOOP! fashion world was finally rounded off with the introduction of the licenses for hoisery, kids, time, socks and jewelry. The JOOP! GmbH presented its first home collection, JOOP! living at the 1999 Franfurter Herbstmesse.

Today, all partners collaborate closely with the designer Wolfgang Joop in order to ensure the consistent look and high quality for which JOOP! products are known. The JOOP! design studio as well as the management are located in Hamburg, Germany.

Two years before, in 1999 he established the label Wunderkind Art which had its international debut in September 2004 when Joop introduced his new Wunderkind collection in New York.

In 2003 it was taken over by a consortium by Strellson, Egana Goldpfeil and Coty.

In Germany there are 40 staff members employed at the company. In 2006 they realized a turnover of 250. Mio. Euro.

The Look

Today JOOP! stands for a modern attitude, eroticism and provocative style stemming from a wealth of ideas of its charismatic greater Wolfgang Joop .


1987 Joop (W)
1989 Joop! Femme (W)
1989 Joop! Homme (M)
1989 Joop! Le Bain (W)
1990 Joop! Berlin (W)
1990 Joop! Nuit d'Ete (W)
1992 Nightflight (M)
1995 All about Eve (W)
1997 What about Adam (M)
2000 Rococo (W)
2002 Rococo (M)
2003 Muse (W)
2004 All About Eve Summer (W)
2004 Jump (M)
2005 Joop! Homme Chill Out (M)
2006 Joop! Go (M)
2007 Joop! Homme Summer Temptation (M)
2007 Jump Summer Temptation (M)
2008 Joop! Go Hot Summer 2008 (M)
2008 Joop! Homme Hot Summer 2008 (M)
2008 Joop! Jump Hot Summer 2008 (M)

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