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John Bartlett

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John Bartlett and Genny


He introduced his own bold, sexually-charged menswear line in 1992 and added his first hard-edged womenswear collection called "Butch Femme" five years later.

He also had an agreement with their sister concern Genny to produce the John Bartlett collections worldwide. His 2000 collection was shown in Florence, Italy, with a live falcon swooping over the audience (without any casualties).

John was not seen for two years, after closing his business due to financial problems.

However in September 2004, he re-appeared during New York fashion week and gave a menswear show at his alma mater the Harvard Club. Everyone was glad to see him back. In Septmber 2005, John held his menswear show during New York Fashion Week. He has also entered into a creative partnership with Ghurka, a leather and accessories concern, where he will be designing accessories for them.

The Look

John Bartlett's clothes are intended to be sexy. He himself says so. He has a "mad housewife" dress which is a wrap-over with a full skirt, and "sleazy" tank tops that are made to be worn with wide cut trousers. He describes this look as "sweet sinister".

Who Wears It

Ellen Cummings

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