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American designer Jill Stuart is the founder of the brand Jill Stuart. The Jill Stuart label was officially established as an accessories and innovations line, and in 1993 she debuted her women's wear collection of frilly feminine pieces.

The label featured in the 1995 hit film, Clueless, which instantly attracted much more popularity. After much success, Jill Stuart began to expand to include a wider variety of products. After launching a sports wear line called Skinclothes, Jill Stuart also introduced cosmetic products, children�s clothing, shows, perfume and watches. In 2007, a second line named Jill by Jill Stuart was launched, offering a more affordable line of clothing. A few months later the line Runway came to life.

Today, the brand earns approximately $30 million annually in the U.S. but fares even better in Asia, grossing closer to $100 million. Stuart received major attention here in 2007 for using Lindsay Lohan as the first non-model celebrity in her ads. Known for showing during Fashion Week at the New York Public Library, the feminine, sometimes frilly collection is now sod all over the world from the US to China and the UK to Bahrain, although it has seen the most success with the Asian market.

Who Wears It

Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie


2005 Jasmin Fleur (W)
2005 Night Blooming Lily (W)
2005 Vanilla Lust (W)
2009 Nicht Jewel (W)

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