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A foundation and specialty bra house of 80 years, Rene of Hollywood made its debut as Jezebel in August of 1957 in the Los Angeles Examiner as a 'Wicked Wisp of a Bra'. The Jezebel, a front hook deep plunge bra promised to give high rounded accentuation with deep plunge. Designed specifically to underline the daring deep plunge and barest Decolletage neckline from Paris, Jezebel quickly became all the rage. With this immediate success, it was only a brief time until new silhouettes were added to the Jezebel name and viola a Hollywood Star was born. Jezebel continued to respond to the fashion ready-to-wear needs with decolletage necklines, and enhancement silhouettes and by the 70's designed and developed the famous '483' lace push up bra. With the onset of company mergers and acquisitions through the 80's and 90's - Jezebel was lost in the shuffle, only to be resurrected by Felina Lingerie just in time for the 21st Century.

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Sophisticated and feminine, Felina ensure sensuous aesthetics and a secure and comfortable fit.

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