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Jacques Fath


In 1944, Jacques Fath founded his company at 39 Pierre 1er de Serbie.

He is the first designer to export his creations to the United States (1948).

The house closed in 1957, three years after Fath died of leukemia, a disease diagnosed in 1952. It was operated in its last days by his widow, who presented her first well-regarded collection for the fashion house in 1955 and who worked with three of her husband's former associates: Catherine Brivet, Pierrey Metthey, and Suzanne. After the company's haute couture operations ceased, it went into business producing perfumes, gloves, hosiery, and other accessories.

The Jacques Fath company was relaunched in 1992 by the France Luxury Group. Jacques Fath was purchased in 1996 by the Banque Saga Group, which appointed Tom van Lingen, a Dutch designer, as its head designer. In 1997, when the company was purchased by Groupe Emmanuelle Khanh, van Lingen was replaced by Elena Nazaroff. A year later, Nazaroff was replaced by Octavio Pizarro. The firm became part of the Alliance Designers Group in 2002, which announced the hiring of young English designer Lizzie Disney to revive the fashion side of the brand. Disney left the company in 2004, and the company was sold again in 2006.

In its renewed form, the Jacques Fath style also stands for elegance, refinement and perfect quality in high luxury clothing.


1953 Fath de Fath (W)
1993 Green Water (M)
1996 Yang Imperial (M)
1996 Yin Imperial (W)
1998 Fath Pour L`Homme (M)
1999 Yin (W)
1999 Yang (M)
2009 Jacques Fath Irissime (W)
2010 Eau de Fath (W)

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