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In 1946 Irene Galitzine opened her own salon and presented her first collection.

The height of her fame came in 1960 when she launched the "Pijama Palazzo".

She subsequently transferred her atelier to 56, Via Gregoriana in Rome in 1983.

1990 The Xines company, which is owned by Giada Ruspoli, purchased the Galitzine brand. As a result of this economic agreement, the young designer Massimo Rubini has joined the creative team of this Russian-Italian fashion house. This is part of a general attempt to renew the company by updating the innovative qualities that have always set Galitzine creations apart from the rest.

In September 1996, Galitizine opened her first boutique in Moscow, and in November of the same year she published her biography entitled �From Russia to Russia�.

From haute couture to pr�t � porter, from knitwear for men and women to fur ware, princess Irene has dealt with various areas of interest in the fashion world. She has in fact, designed ties and foulards and has even followed the cosmetics and costume jewellery lines. She has also launched a "house project" that includes creations in a variety of sectors such as porcelain, silverware and carpets and as part of this project, has signed an agreement with Richard Ginori. As well as the Palazzo Pijama, Galitzine will be remembered above all for her eveningwear, her elegant suits and her particularly feminine raincoats.

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