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Hugo Boss

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Hugo Boss Group


The line includes menswear (HUGO Menswear) and womenswear (HUGO Womenswear), with collections that combine creativity and individuality in a style that is non-conventional and innovative. As with every other Hugo Boss line, HUGO products stand out because of their extreme wearability, quality materials and refined details. Turnover for the HUGO brand amounted to 144 million euros, an increase of 5.7%

The Look

HUGO delivers unconventional looks for men and women: clothes that are progressive yet never overstated. The collections feature architectonic lines and new takes on classic shapes. By offering trendsetting design and superior quality, HUGO satisfies the high expectations of�its fashion-conscious customers.

Who Wears It

Kristin Davis, Julianne Moore, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Cuba Gooding Jr., Joan Jett, Julianne Moore, Kate Winslet, Kristin Davis, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ne-Yo, Andre Balazs, Stephen Baldwin, Olivia Palermo, Mischa Barton, Christina Ricci, Christina Applegate, Driving Miss Daisy, Brad Pitt,


1985 Boss (M)
1987 Boss Sport (M)
1988 Boss Spirit (M)
1989 Boss White (W)
1994 Elements (M)
1995 Hugo Boss E'dt (M)
1996 Elements Aqua (M)
1997 Hugo Woman(W)
1997 Boss Elements Aqua (M)
1998 Hugo Boss No. 6 (M)
1999 Hugo Dark Blue (M)
2000 Boss Woman(W)
2001 Deep Red (W)
2002 Boss in Motion (M)
2002 Boss Orange (M)
2002 Baldessini (M)
2002 Boss Bottled (M)
2003 Boss Intense (W)
2004 Boss Soul (M)
2004 Boss In Motion Blue (M)
2005 Boss Intense Shimmer Edition (W)
2005 Hugo Energise (M)
2005 Boss In Motion Green (M)
2006 Boss Soul (W)
2006 Boss Pure Purple (W)
2006 BOSS Selection (M)
2006 Femme (W)
2007 Boss Femme (W)
2007 Boss in Motion edition IV (M)
2007 Essence de Femme (W)
2007 Hugo XX (W)
2007 Hugo XY (M)
2008 Boss Pure (M)
2008 Hugo Energize Spray (M)
2008 Hugo Spray (M)

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