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In recognizing the artful workmanship and distinctive quality of hand-crafted leather belts often identified with vintage Americana, Zip Stevenson, began searching the country in 1993 for authentic, vintage leather belts. Part history lesson and part reclamation project, he quickly learned about people’s love affair with these classic, handmade accessories. He noticed the most intricately designed ones were always the most popular and at the same time the most difficult to come by. Accordingly, he began to make his own versions of them for himself and his friends and selling them at his Denim Doctors store.

In 2000, bowing to the tremendous demand for his belts, Stevenson established Hollywood Trading Company (HTC)‚ brand name under which this unique vision and style of timeless fashion accessories was realized. The highly skilled artisans behind HTC continue to create fresh, unique products expressive of a maverick sense of style that are thrilling consumers and retailers throughout the planet.

In 2002 the same passion for vintage brought Zip Stevenson to meet Andrea Brà, founder and owner of LCB Company, the prestigious Italy-based handcrafted accessory manufacturer. This meeting signed a strong friendship between Zip and Andrea giving life to an important collaboration.

Thanks to this original partnership, the HTC style became an icon for glamour and Rock n’ Roll lifestyle. The meticulous importance given to details and a thorough research of vintage reinterpretation led to a broader view of the HTC world and future perspectives.

Similar to the collectors of vintage blue jeans that are fanatical for the jean’s faded beauty, HTC goods are made with the same low tech, artisan methods, rather than with the precise conformity of high tech, mass production. Every HTC product has an aged look and rough hewn, time-honored feel that just gets better and better with each wearing.

HTC is now a complete collection of both accessories, which includes bracelets, hats, shoes, scarves, bags and leather jackets, and apparel with pants, tshirts, fleece and shirts. Every HTC product has an aged look and rough hewn, the strongest feature that makes HTC one of the most important point of reference for vintage passionates all over the world.

HTC can also be found in the world’s finest boutiques. The list includes Barney’s NY, Fred Segal L.A., L’Eclaireur Paris, Harvey Nichols London, Antonioli and Dantone Milan. It is also the choice of numerous international celebrities and V.I.P.s such as Madonna, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Karl Lagerfeld, Courtney Love, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Zac Efron and Puff Daddy to mention a few.

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