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George Gross & Harry Watt

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George Gross


Having started the business thirty-six years ago based in Adelaide, the designers George Gross and Harry Watt have remained one of Australia's leading fashion partnerships. Their respective labels, George Gross and Harry Who, have won more than 13 Australian fashion design awards and have been best sellers in Australia, the USA, Canada and Europe.

Harry Watt has captured a niche in the fashion industry with the Harry Who label, filling the gap with its price point and diversity of styles. With up to the minute looks and edgy style, Harry mixes soft leathers, fur and intricate knitwear with ease.

The George Gross and Harry Who stores are located on the east coast of Australia in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. There are stores within selected David Jones as well in these cities.

The Look

Winter can be a dreary season, so Harry likes to add brightness and exuberance to a woman�s wardrobe through pieces with fun and edgy style; while also offering pieces with soft femininity.
His collection is all about adding a dash of excitement and a pulse of confidence to your day, whether it is through the strong shoulders of his studded jackets, the soft luxury of his furs, or the floaty frivolity ofhisy sunray beaded tulle dress.
The feel of the collection is warmth, the textures are varied and the detail is wild.

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