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The House of Graff is synonymous with the most fabulous jewels in the world. The name symbolises rarity, beauty, excellence and, above all, the best quality, craftsmanship and diamonds. A diamond company extraordinaire, Graff produces polished diamonds from the rough sourced from mines around the world, making it one of the world's leading diamond companies. Tens of thousands of carats of rough diamonds are cut and polished by a team of over 300 in Graff's diamond cutting facility based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Each jewel is unique, from the perfectly cut diamond to the magnificent hand finished piece.

It was founded in London by Laurence Graff in the 1960s. The Graff brand grew and the opening of the flagship store in New Bond Street signalled the beginning of a new era of exclusivity and global luxury brand expansion. Soon, other stores followed in Monte Carlo, New York and Chicago and today Graff is a preeminent diamond jewellery brand, with more than 30 stores worldwide and corporate offices in London, New York, Geneva, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Laurence Graff is the controlling shareholder in the South African Diamond Corporation (SAFDICO) a diamond wholesaler and manufacturer based in Johannesburg. Graff Diamonds is a unique, fully vertically-integrated diamond company. Manufacturing operations in Johannesburg, Antwerp, New York and Botswana, cut and polish tens of thousands of Graff diamonds every year. These diamonds are then used to create Graff's unique jewellery by the designers and master craftsmen based at the headquarters in London's Mayfair. Botswana is home to The SAFDICO Diamond Technology Park, the central hub for the country's burgeoning diamond cutting industry, employing 500 people and using state of the art technology and skill. Graff is also a major shareholder in Gem Diamonds, a publicly quoted company, mining for diamonds worldwide.

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