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In 1974 Giorgio Armani held his first fashion show in his own name. In 1975 the label �Giorgio Armani� was launched and the Giorgio Armani Company was founded.

The Armani signature label is the most expensive Armani label and is available in its 75 worldwide boutiques.

The Look

Following the phenomenal success of his menswear, Armani used the elements of masculine tailoring to make feminine garments. Armani understands how to make a suit sexy. He made jackets without stiff linings, opened up the armholes, deleted superfluous buttons and re-figured the proportions. He used soft slinky dress fabrics to make jackets, so lacking in starch that they could scarcely hold a crease. The design of the Armani jacket is far removed from traditional principles of jacket tailoring. On ordinary jackets, the shoulders fit tightly, the waist is apparent and it hits the breast. His jackets do not do any of these. He makes the shoulder sloping, giving the illusion of a longer neck, the fabric at the collar is pared away, again lengthening the neck, and the whole effect is restrained and languid, not at all masculine. His clothes have a sense of control and the lack of fuss and clutter make women feel comfortable. Armani uses a dense weave of 5 or even 8 strands of different colours, which at a distance merge into a neutral. This can be called beige, or stone, pearl, mink, sludge, etc. In all cases he stresses simplicity, and minimalism. He hardly uses accessories or jewellery in his collections. His style is the perfect bridge between refined elegance and down-to-earth comfort.

Who Wears It

Jodie Foster, Michelle Pfeiffer, Richard Gere, Goldie Hawn, Sharon Stone.


1982 Armani le Parfum (W)
1984 Armani (M)
1984 Armani Mens cologne
1992 Gio (W)
1994 Arman Eau pour homme
1995 Acqua di Gio (W)
1997 Acqua di Gio for men
1999 Mania (W)
2002 Armani Mania (M)
2002 Sensi (W)
2004 Sensi White Notes (W)
2004 Black Code (M)
2004 Armani Mania (W)
2005 Armani Code (M)
2006 Armani Code (W)
2007 Armani Attitude (M)

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